Chaud à la Mode: H & M Soft Knit Cropped Pullover

Cropped tops and pullovers had started it's craze last year. From then on, I wanted to try one. I was not able to try one since I was not that confident to wear one. Yes, it may sound absurd but I do have struggles wearing cropped tops/pullovers.

How To Save Money When Doing Online Shopping

Everyone loves shopping and it is always ticking a list every time there is a great deal. But what makes it a frustration for shoppers out there is that we always go to the extremes. We fail to save and find alternatives that can aid our finances.

If you are you a shopaholic and finds it hard to save a lot of money fret not, because I know a thing or two to help you still get what you want but still leave a penny or two on your pockets. 

Fashion Fridays: Sailor Moon Collection (Part I)

It's Fashion Friday! Get those sartorial go wild and rock your #ootds with these stylish finds!

I am definitely a fan of Sailor Moon and I love how they fight the evil by spreading the love and spreading the goodness with their cutest outfits to match with their cute poses. Not to mention, they are really fashionable and every girl dreams of being one of them. 

I just can't get over with these awesome Sailor Moon collection and I know you too can't take your eyes off them. So let's start transforming and be one of the cutest sailor soldiers out there.

How To Improve Your Sleeping Patterns

Have you ever experience having an altered sleeping pattern or would even have the most challenging mornings just because you were unable to wake up early. Well, there are tons of stories of snoozed alarms or oversleeping, but fret not for I have something that will help you ease those late hours.

Thankful Tuesdays Vol. 18

Since Tuesday doesn't get much attention, Thankful Tuesdays is just a delightful way to be thankful for the graces and blessings that the Lord showers us through the week.

#OOTDoodles by #JeiniDoodles

I have been planning on starting a new challenge or project when it comes to my artworks. I joined one two years ago, which was a nice way to make my style be practiced and to be on track on my passion. That's why, earlier this year I affirmed that I will definitely revive the artist in me once again.

KeenaPrints: Kawaii Poratble Stickers

Planners, markers and stickers have always been one of my fetishes (which explains my hoarding disorder). I would end up using rainbow hues; staining tons of marker leads on clean or used papers and noting my most memorable day in a doodle form every time I get the chance to document them on my planner. 

Heza Nail Spa Europe Winter

One of my fetishes are the different hues on my nails. I've been hooked and been addicted to painting my nails since the day I've discovered it (which I can't hardly remember). I tried different brands and shades whether it be cheap or expensive down to mixing the colors just to get the right shade I want. I even came to the point of changing my nail polish every week, which is really not good because it makes the cuticle all thin and yellowish. But in the end, I still do. 

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