2014 Filed Doodle Planner

I really got so envious when my sister had her first FILED! Doodle Planner last year! Why didn't she even mention that a planner as such even existed! So I told myself (and her as well) that I will def have my own by next year. Her friends from FILED were so generous enough to sponsor planners! Isn't that amazing? And she gave it to me (with a little "bit" or more of "begging") that it serves as her birthday gift to me. I was so happy and oozing with so much joy that I finally get to laid my hands on this adorable babies.

Filed Doodle Planner that matches the artist in me. 

I can't help but just play with the colors (which I am not good at, but now I'm trying). And as well as started flipping with the pages and making renditions to my planner. I started doodling all throughout the day and finally made to practice the artist in me once again. There are just so many ways to enjoy this planner that you too can't help but fall in love with this as well. You can start with these kinds of stuff with your FILED! Doodle Planner.

Number #1: PROPERTY

I started making my name as the owner of such planner and making a doodle of myself. I could have done a more neater and more attractive lettering of my name, but it ended up just plain. You too can make you own lettering and as well as your design to know that the planner is yours in your own creative ways.

Number #2: MUNCHER

This serves as a simple and little bookmark to mark which day you are in your planner. And as well as to avoid flipping the pages over form the start. FILED! has provided a design for a muncher, but you too can make a personalized Muncher, just like what I did. Since I am an Adventure Time fanatic that I made a Marcelene Muncher for my planner. I am planning of making more soon as well.

Number #3: COVER

A nice little cute designed cover can make you inspire to flip more of the pages and as well as to be inspired over and over again to awaken more the creative side in you. I made a doodle of myself again since I am the owner of the planner and as well made a cute little Jake the Dog as the one in the bottom right side. I am also a fan of lines and curves as well as polka dots that I decided to combine them. You too can make your own design as well as what pleases you.

Number #4: COLOR CHART

This is like a mood tracker which can be identified through colors. The way you designate them will just vary. I hadn't started coloring since the color chart will start by January 2014. I added a little twist to it by making a doodle of me in the chart.

Number #5: LISTS

This why I wanted to have FILED! Doodle Planner as well because you get to organize and as well be able to list the Movies you want to watch, Restaurants you want to try dining in, Books that you want to read and the Places you want to visit. It almost serve as your Bucket List in one way or the other. I wanted it to be more fun looking as well as attractive as ever that I decided to try coloring and as well as designing it. Here are the photos.

The more I'm getting the hang of this and as well as if ever given the chance I would also soon like FILED to be one of my sponsors. You too can create your own creative revisions for your Doodle Planner. Just let the creative side of you wakes up and boost more. Here's how my first week goes. How's yours?

And the good news, you too can have you very own FILED! Doodle Planner. Just visit their website at: filed.com.ph and purchase your very own doodle planner or you can join my sister's giveaway as well for a chance of winning this lovely planner for your own. Visit her and click at: Superaena X FILED Giveaway. From there, you can see the "clean" version of the template design of this Doodle Planner as well.

You can start and create an artist in you and 
as well start the New Year with a fun filled one together with FILED. 

Can't wait to see yours soon as well, just comment me so I can check it as well. Or one or two I can see your very own masterpieces at FILED's Fan Page, Twitter and Instagram as well.

 Happy Holidays my dear Sprinkles.

Celebrating Life At 23

This might really be a late post since I've been really busy. Since it's Happy Monday, I decided to share the Special Day last November 22, 2013. Well it's the time of the year, were I get to get old once again. Yes, I'm now 23 years old and I'm blessed, happy and grateful more today as ever as I was. It was just a nice morning to thank the Lord that I'm still alive and be able to open a new phase in my life. To change for the better and be able to rekindle every aspects of my passion and life. I may be expecting a little bit special today, but the people who really loved me just made my day even special and worth remembering. Just thanking every one that made it worth remembering as well.

FAMILY. It was a nice morning to be greeted by my Nanay as she hugged me tight and loudly said "Happy Birthday Ateng!", I just can;t help but wake up early even though I still want to snooze more. It was like I was waking up to a brighter and brand new day. The more that I was able to enjoy my day was having to have a "Special Breakfast" on my day.

Special Breakfast by my Nanay.
It was indeed a full tummy and wonderful meal to start the day. Everything was just starting good and right. I was then greeted by my sister and gave me her biggest and tightest hug as ever. Making this another day. Surely my Tatay also greeted me by calling on my cell and keeps on asking what I want for my birthday. he even made Bitstrips, and  Online Cards that really made my heart melt into bits even if he was far from home. He still manages to make me swoon in every effort that he does. I just love my family and will def not replace them to another whatever it takes. My cousins also sang me nonstop the "Happy Birthday" song over and over again. It was just so fun. My Auntie also greeted me through text and as well as gave me messages. It was just a warm greeting to the closest people you've grown up with.

Chocolate cravings! Sweetest cake ever.
YOBO. Then, surely one of the people that made my day as special as ever is my Yobo. he then started greeting me with his sms birthday greeting. And as well manages to made me special on my day by calling me over and over again as the "Birthday Girl". He just made and assure that it was indeed my day to celebrate. The more he swept me off my feet by giving me surprises! He gave me a chocolate cake with greeting on it. The message just made my heart melt as well.

 It was just so special since it was also the first time that Yobo did something like this. Sweetness Overload!

"Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it." 

FRIENDS. And everyone really manages to make my day even more special by making their efforts just to greet me in the simplest ways that they can. Some texted, PM-ed, tweeted, Skype-ed, Wall posted and as well as commented. It was just one of those exciting parts as well where I get to read their messages. I was indeed grateful! I'm also thankful for my Bezie for giving me her birthday gift as well. 
Cutest tumbler from Bezie!! 

  • Facebook Wall posts.
  • Tweets.
  • Skype IMs.
  • Text Greetings.
  • Calls.
  • Gifts.


Went with my family and Yobo
And one of the highlights of my birthday as well was the concert of our Church Ministry, (will be posting on this soon) Cuerdas.. Since my sister was one of the musicians, we really get to watch the concert as well. 

DIY shirt designs by yours truly.
"Addressing one another in psalms & hymns & spiritual songs, singing & making melody to the Lord with your heart" 
- Ephesians 5:19

I was able to share my talent as well by designing shirts (open for orders!) where my Nanay can sell. I was just engrossed and made me want to embracing art again. As if I want to revive the passion and love that I have for it. 

It was indeed one of my birthdays that I really enjoyed. And this time it is more nice and worth remembering and was better than last year. I was able to set new goals and be able to seek more aid from god as well as I grow older that day. I was just simply blessed. No words can't totally repay every joy the they've given me. Thank you. 
Officially 23 & proud to be.

Yaba + Yobo: Naga City

FIRST ESCAPE! Premi√®re √©chapper! I'm just so excited to bits when Yobo suddenly gave an idea for us to celebrate my birthday. It's almost his gift as well. But since there was a more important event during my birthday, we decided to make it by the 23rd of November. So there, it was all set then. I was just like a little kiddo so excited of having our first "travel" as well as an adventure too (since it was the "first time" for the two of us in that place. The more we really felt excited because we get to cross out 2 things all at once in our Yobo  & Yaba's Bucket List.

Pilipinas Kong Mahal, Makakaahon ka din

Pilipinas:Filipina by Jeini Relova
It has been almost a week after the devastation from Super Typhoon Yolanda occurred at the land of the pearl of the orient sea, the Philippines, particularly targeting the middle island of Visayas. It has been a heart breaking news not only for the Visayans but as well as the whole part of the Philippines. It was really a tragic and almost millions of people sympathizes and as well as willing to be the help they can be to be able to lift the spirits of the Visayans once again. Tons and tons of foundations, organizations and as well as fund raising were opened to collate the needed equipment and stuff of the affected civilians. One of the famous advocacy also is the "Tulong Na, Tabang Na, Tayo Na", were many stars and Filipinos starting to lend their hand and starts to make resources where they can be a help for the affected parts of the continent. I'm also a prod Albayano, because the numbers of volunteers and the people who are willing to help is just countless. More and more help just keeps coming even it our own little ways. Not only their state that can make your heart break into more fragments but the number of casualties as well as the damages the calamity had brought will almost make you cry unconsciously because of what are featured in the news, articles and photos. It is heartwarming as well that even the foreign countries are willing to lend a help and as well as willing to aid in the distribution of supplies and goods as well in the search and rescue. Even celebrities form other countries sends their greatest concern and empathy for the Filipinos. 

This catastrophe also made lots and tons of noises and arguments not only in the tabloids but as well as the internet. Since the social media has been really viral now a days, the Filipinos can't either way make an obligatory post regarding such issue. But the sad part is that it went too far and out of hand. People started pouring out their emotions on the: government - how they should be attending to the needs of thousands and thousand of now homeless and striving Filipinos; politicians - how they should now show their affection and their "true" and "rightful duties and obligations and even the religious denominations - various of perspectives, faith, beliefs, blasphemous statements towards another. The more that the issue is getting fired up day after day. I'm not against such freedom of expression, because it the right of every person to state what is in their mind, but sometimes keeping silence is one way of showing how wise we are in this kind of issues. There are just people that sometimes go with the flow of the heated issue and doesn't even know what they are talking about. They just add up to the flaring emotions and starting another issue or even making the whole situation worse because of the added information that sometimes are not connected anymore to the topic. It's just a saddening truth that this should had been the time to be united and just be there for those who are in need of our attention.

I just hope and pray that sooner or later my fellow countrymen will be able to surpass such trial. They may be in a state where they just want to survive a midst the devastating and traumatic experience they were put into, but I still believe that even of they are in such situation they still cling to God the Almighty that one day they will be able to see the light again, to lead them to not loose hope and keep moving forward. And for those families that have lost their loved ones, it may be the most painful loss and as well as a time where they can blame and cry for days or more, its normal, but one day it will just be a memory where the Filipinos hath shown how brave they were, how they strive and fought their every minute just to live. And someday there will be a time that the people and our countrymen will be able to wear a smile once again. 

For now, it's a matter of our actions that they badly need, what we can do for them rather than words that are just casted. This shall be a start, to make a difference once again. 

High School Reunion Vol. 02

Reunions are at its peak once again. Since it's the holidays and many people go home to their designated home towns, so it can't be help that a little gathering are being planned. I sometimes can't attend to such because of my busy schedules last year and almost some of the past years. But this year, I oath to myself that I would not let this year pass without seeing the people close to me back in high school. 

It was a little bit sad because not all of our high school friends were there to celebrate it with us, but still each and everyone manages to enjoy every minute of having fun with the closest people and to the person that we enjoyed being with. It was also fun due to it was my very first "night out" as well being a professional and an adult.

Had a delightful dinner at Wacky's Bar and Restaurant. Sight seeing, food trips and as well as tons of picture taking at Embarcadero De Legazpi as well. We just can't contain the happiness and as well as the reminiscing and catching up. It was indeed another night to remember for each and everyone of us.

Top 10 Ultimate Girl Crush: Western and Asian

Pretty news faces have been coming out lately and I can't deny that they do possess such beauty that every girl and boy had a hard time to which they can actually give the title of EPITOME OF BEAUTY. There are goddesses and as well as title holders for such pageants or what so ever modeling and acting career, but still having a world full of pretty ladies, you too can't get enough of them.

I too have my favorites, too many to actually mention. But since as promise to make my TOP TEN WESTERN and ASIAN ULTIMATE GIRL CRUSHES, I assure that the ones included in this list are my consistently favorites and as well as the ones that I don't get tired adoring, loving the hairs, their fashion statements and as well as admiring how they simply look beautiful even without the colors in their faces.

I am the type of girl who just loves wearing skirts, dresses, heels but  as well as go for a "boyish", punk, white t-shirt, sneakers and cardigans look as well. And honestly I just have this obsession on hair colors specially having it burning red (which sadly I can't still manage to try because my Mum might get outrageously mad about it). Thus arriving to this lists as well. So no further a due, here is the list

Review: Hortaleza Professional Hair Coloring Cream

Rating: ★★★★★

Since I've been receiving good feed backs and as well as compliments because of my new hair color, I decided to make a post regarding the product that I've used to acquire such.

I've been hooked to having my hair colored back when I was really obsessed with K-Pop. And just like a "drug", I kept begging for more. If only I was also able to have the opportunity to have the "real" hues that I want, I would really have no second thoughts on doing so.

I started at "not so attention seeking color" back then, and then I was able to have a somewhat lighter one way back when I was in college. Then when I was already working I was able to try Burgundy. It really turned my head red back then, that my co-workers started calling me Paramore and Merida (Brave). But sadly, the color just faded after a month and started going brown later on, which also cost me almost a  4-digit. Then after that, I really wanted to try a more lighter shade of brown, the one that is almost near to blonde. I was somewhat contented when I tried my hair colored once again. The sad part only, is that it was almost half the price, it may sound cheaper but it is still quite expensive (being a thrifty person that I am) and the color that I wanted was not still met.

Then after that, I decided that if ever I'll have my hair colored again, I'll be going for the shade that I want and my sister will be the one to color it, thus Hortaleza was my last resort and hopefully will give the shade that I wanted once and for all. This is a late post btw, since I had my hair colored few weeks ago.

The Hair Coloring Package
This is all the materials that you'll be needing if ever you're planning to have your hair colored too. But these were bought separately. These only cost me about 300php + only. Yes, it was way cheaper (I guess). Salons make it more expensive because of the labor, the brands and as well as their places too. That's why you pay more.

So here the simple steps to having the Colored Hair you are dreaming of and as well you have been fantasizing just like the professionals.

YabaYobo: Goodbye Monthsaries, Hello Anniversaries


 A simple or may become grand special celebration of lovers 
who rejoices on how long they've been through the number of months.

The sad reality is that there is really no such word and proper definition for such term. Try looking at the dictionary, searching it through the internet (only few defines such but no "generic" meaning), or even try right-clicking the word for alternative spelling and synonyms, and voila! The word itself doesn't exist. It has just been created and added to someone's neologism to make a calling for lover who celebrate their relationships in a months or counting how they've been together. An usually, since from the word itself, the matter of span that the two is "in a relationship" doesn't come to a point of making it through the year/s.

YOBO: It's our 26th right?
YABA: Yip. I guess so?
YOBO: The next time we are going to celebrate such day, we won't be counting anymore.
YABA: Ha? Why is that?
YOBO: Because, we don't need anymore, since we will be together FOREVER. ♥
*see "original conversation" here

I can't really contain myself from being happy and able to have a limited smile ('cause I was really trying to hide it from him, but in the end wasn't able to do so). He just say words that can help but make you swoon and really make you drop down your knees. So after hearing it from him, it took me about 30 minutes before the though actually sunk in. So I tried rephrasing and asking him again.

YABA: Why is it again you don't want us counting how long we've been together every month?
YOBO: Well, because of the word itself.
ME: What do you mean?
YOBO: MONTH-saries. It's like you will only be together for a month. For shorties.
YABA: Shorties? *giggles*
YOBO: Yes, shorties. Short term relationships. And we're not like that. So by that, if ever we're going to count numbers, then it when we celebrate our Anniversaries. Isn't it more exciting? 
And from that day on, marking the start of our new rule (which we often love doing it so when it comes to our relationship), we agreed on October 23, 2013, that we will bid Monthsaries, Goodbye and will def whole-heartedly Welcome Anniversaries more in our relationship. 

 But since words can sometimes assure you, the actions still matters when it comes to relationships. That's why, the more we try to make things work everyday. The more that we love each other to bits. And praying for more years to come for the two of us.

Top 10 Ultimate Guy Crushes: Western and Asian

Every girl and lady has their own preference of having their dream guy or "future-boyfriend" or even the most wanted fantasies are the "future-husbands", where one wants to call their guy their "hubby". But every now and then those standards are just being replaced or even changed into a new whole package. 

We can't deny the fact that in the world we lived in, there are a lot of beautiful and handsome guys out there, and you might be lucky if one way or the other you were able to have the good catch that you never thought you'll be having. And mostly, these standards are compared. From reality into the world beyond it.

The fact that mostly, and almost of those good looking people belongs to the showbiz industries. We have lists of our "ultimate crushies" or even label them as our husbands/wife, boyfriends/girlfriends and even some have this list that just goes on and on. Aside from what we have in reality or have in present relationship, we still manage to have this admiration to other people specially those who are stars.

Suddenly It's Magic: Most Memorable Movie Lines

Rating: ★★★★
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama 
Since I was being a bum after coming from work, I come across Suddenly It's Magic (which I've been curiously dying to see after it was released last year 2012), I was at first having second thoughts on watching it. But since the co-star was none other than Mario Maurer, I was really into watching the movie then. And since I get attached to it's story line and quotables lines, I just can't help but make a review of it.  
It's just to sad that I was able to watch it almost 30 minutes ago, since it started, but still I was engrossed to see the movie. At first, I was thinking it will all be "korny" or "cheesy", since it is a collaborated movie of Philippines and Thailand, but I was wrong. If I were to rate it based on the quotes, lessons and as well as the swoon factor.
It talks about how you are really willing to do anything when it comes to relationships. Specially when you know that you have found it already. The one that you'll be keeping for keeps. It may sound cliche, but let's just face it, in each and everyone of us longs for a happy ending.
The story revolved around the life of Joey (Erich Gonzales) and Marcus (Mario Maurer), where life comes to a twist when they met. The usual "enemy-turn-to-lovers" was their meet-up, but the story got a little interesting since the two of them comes from different countries and provinces, language is one of their barriers and hindrances in having a easy relationship. Also from their personal differences, made them fall for each other even more.

I was just caught with their characters, since it represents two individuals on how they faced LOVE when it comes knocking at them.

Add caption
JOEY (Josephine 'Joey' Hermosa - Erich Gonzales)

She is the typical Filipina, that is into heart when doing something. She bakes cupcakes and other pastries as her living. She is also the kind of girl who is afraid to enter into a relationship after having a heartache from his ex-boyfriend Marvin (Guji Lorenzana), who cheated on her. From there, then closed her heart into falling in love and as well as having fears in entering another again. She was afraid to try and enter into something, when she knows that she will just be hurting once again. The more that she feared love, because of her family background that turned out to be the unusual time. Being a daughter outside. The more that she suppressed and shun herself into the concept of love and everything that has to do with it.

Add caption
MARCUS (Marcus Hanson - Mario Maurer)

He's the typical good looking guy and a famous actor in Thailand. He loves his job so much that he met the girl of her dreams, Sririta (Baifern Pimchanok), in his career. But just like any other showbiz relationships, he got his heart broken into pieces and started hating his job because of the girl. Then he decided to go to the Philippines to unwind, not knowing he'll be finding the girl who he will truly love for the rest of his life. He is the kind of guy that will do anything just to keep his girl and will definitely be proud to show his feelings for her.

The most movie was just full of nice quotes that you will def love and as well as will mark our minds and hurts. Here are some of those catchy lines that will def live you almost memorizing some.

Portfolio 01: YabaYobo

I was fond and obsessed when it comes to taking photo of myself and as well as posing in front of the camera, while he was one of those who will do everything just to avoid getting a shot or posing for the camera. But in the end, I was able to still convince him, that I can assure him of great shots, one way or the other. This will def be not the last of me taking and making portfolios of him. (As soon as I get my hands on my own and personal DSLR or just the simple yet gives you almost near HD photo-digital-camera).

She loves the camera, while he hates it. But for her,he'll do it. <3
My favorite Candid Shot of him. He's def handsome here.


Add caption
My OOTD, with his jacket on me.

Add caption
And these are just on of those photos that I also loved. Good thing there were only few people in the boulevard, so we were at ease just striking our poses.

Add caption

Add caption

And here are just our simple random shots as a couple. Making every moment count indeed. Just loving this guy everyday of my life.

While waiting for our food to be served. Cristine Reyes and Zanjoe Marudo look a like.


Fave shot <3

Mexita: Acoustic Night

Rating: ★★★★

It's weekend once again. We just have this so called non-formal agreement where each weekend or when we have a jamming, there is one sponsor, where he/she will be the one to pay for the expenses when the group have their dinner. And this time it was my turn to do so.

Mang Inasal: Dinner with friends

It's nice to have friends not just the ones you already have but also have a good relationship and be able to build a rapport with your co-workers as well. We started to get along by just this year that we already started to always hang-out and also enjoyed each others company by then. We also started to be able to get to know each other well as the time goes by. We also had this so-called attachment to Mang Inasal, whenever we tend to have our dinner after work. We also often joked around that if ever we'll be eating outside again, we should really start looking for another eating venue other than MI.

Fashion Friday: Miss Bicol University 2013

Since intramurals and pageants are again at it's peak, gowns and crowns will definitely be in again.

I was all throughout ever surprised and amazed when I knew my Yobo's ssister is into pageants that I usually want to watch her on it. I met Katrina Villanueva, way back in 2011 when Yobo introduced her me in Mang Inasal at Embarcadero when we were about to have our dinner. She was his sister. She was then a contender for Miss Embarcadero 2011. From there, I started to really be amused and as well admired her to having the confidence, the brains and as well as beauty in joining to such competitions. It was almost one of my frustrations way back when I was in my high school to college era. 

Then I also learned that she gained already the title of Miss Camalig. So from there, I started to have the enthusiasm to support her or even just watch her if ever she'll be joining another competition. But sadly as years passed by 2011-2012, I wasn't able to watch her and support her than lead to my frustrations as well. That's why I oath that if ever I'll be able have the opportunity for this year, I will definitely watch her and support her. Sadly the time she joined the Miss BUCS (Bicol University College of Science) 2013 for their intrams, I wasn't able to watch since I didn't have any companion and Yobo was then had his shift moved to mid shift. The more instance that I will not really be able to watch it. She won as 2nd Runner up by then. 

Surprisingly, she became the representative of BUCS due to some circumstances making her the contender for the Mister and Miss Bicol University 2013. The pageant took place last September 19, 2013 at Albay Astrodome. 

Photo by J. Lastimosa. Might and Beauty.
From there, I told myself, all through-out I will definitely support her and will do anything just to watch the pageant. I was more happy when Yobo's shift was moved to morning again, the more I get the chance to support her and able to witness her in a pageant.

Add caption
We were all full force and as well as ready to give all our might as well as to support this beauty.

Ever BUCS students and councils showed their support
Everyone from the BUCS was really there all throughout to show their deepest support and willing to sacrifice their vocal chords just to cheer her. GO KAT!! 

Agents starting to reveal their identitites
Photo by Shanti: A cool agent motif introduction number

The pageant of Mister and Miss Bicol University 2013 was an Agent inspired theme. The more we really felt cool and as well it was really awesome!

Photo by Shanti: With confidence introducing herself
Photo by Wang: Sexy agent number 13.

Photo by Wang: Mister and Miss BUCS confidently ramps their swim & formal wears
Photo by Johnry Lastimosa. Pretty and elegant blue gown perfectly fits K. Villanueva

We were all throughout support to her and was also feeling even nervous as the competition goes nearer to the crown. She wasn't able to harvest and get most of the awards but still we are confidently praying that she will definitely make it to the Top and nearer to having the crown. She was able to get the Miss Talent Award. We shouted at the top of our lungs when she was getting her award.

Then came the Top Seven (7), where she made it. The more we really felt nervous and continuously pray and hope she'll make it to the next phase. Luckily, she was able to answer the question in confidence that she was able to make through the Top Four (4).

Photo by J. Lastimosa. K. Villanueva patiently waits for her turn to pick and answer her question
Photo by J. Lastimosa. K. Villanueva answers the question with all through confidence

Yobo's father and mother started to really feel nervous and starts to eagerly pray that she will make it to the crown. Then she was the last one to answer the final question, and we were really confident that she will definitely get the crown as she answered it confidently and with flying colors.

Photo by Shanti: K. Villanueva having an ease conversation with the hosts
Photo by K. Lastimosa. As she confidently answers the question with no second thoughts
Then the moment of truth came, there were already two of them. The battle between BUCS and BUCENG. As the emcees, slowly and loudly proclaimed the Miss Bicol University 2013, it was none other than our pretty Katrina Villanueva.  We suddenly stood from our since and took us about 5-10 minutes nonstop jumping for joy when she was crowned. The more I was really happy when I witnessed how Yobo's family was really proud and as well jumped for extreme happiness of her achievement.

Photo by Avant Studios. Pretty Kat's expression upon the announcement
The Top Four pretty and gorgeous ladies.
Add capti
Add caption
Gorgeous Katrina Villanueva, newly crowned Miss Bicol University 2013
Photo by Avant Studios. Mister BUCAL 2013 and Miss BUCS 2013
Photos by Avant Studios. Newly crowned as Mister and Miss Bicol University 2013
From L-R: Kat's classmate, Yobo, Kat and I
From L-R: Kuya Anthony (their cousin), Mister BU 2013 - Carl, Miss BU 2013 - Kat, Tito, Yobo and I
It was really a night to remember for our pretty and gorgeous Katrina Villanueva. Looking forward to witnessing her phases as she gets more titles for her next beauty reigning moments. And surely we are confident that she'll get it again.

** some photos are credited to Avant Studios, Wang, Johnry Lastimosa and Shanti.

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