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The shirt calls for a statement where Tuberculosis will also be prevented when one starts to be aware of one's health. Once the person starts to have a manifestation of the said symptoms, the person should also start to seek the help of the people who are reliable and also specializing to such field. And here are some of those FAQs when it comes to the mentioned lung disease.


What is Tuberculosis?
Tuberculosis is a lung disease which is considered to be communicable. it is cause by a bacteria called Myobacterium Tubercle or Myobacterium tuberculosis.

Is it communicable?
Yes. It is communicable. It is transferred through a droplet (meaning that when the person infected with TB can transmit the disease through another person by sneezing or coughing in a distance of at least 3 feet. )

How can one know when he or she should visit the nearest health center?
Once the person had a cough for 2 weeks that doesn't disappear, and also manifest one of the said symptoms, one should visit the nearest health center.

  • Loss of weight
  • Fever at night
  • Sweating
  • Productive cough with blood (hemoptysis)
  • Sudden chest pain and back pain without any illness accompanied

From there sudden diagnostics and possible further assessment will be advised so that to rule out such diseases.

Should I be afraid?
Many people would rather choose to have another kind of disease such as Cancer or AIDS, than to have Tuberculosis. The fact that they don't know is that Cancer and AIDS has still no definite cure and the survival capacity of a certain person who has this disease is so little.

If ever the person was diagnosed to be positive (+) of having Tuberculosis, one should not be afraid because it is curable. Unlike other severe illnesses such as AIDS and Cancer, there's no cure that is still available, only palliative cures are provided.Treatments that are strictly advised. The person is to take the medications consistently within a 6 month course. That is through the program of the DOTS (Directly Observed Treatment Short-course) where a certain person will have to take a certain medications, depending on what type of TB the person was diagnosed.

How long will the cure be effective for to recover?
If one has the discipline and initiative to follow the DOTS program, then surely the assurance of getting cured and be able to recover of the said illness is indeed guaranteed. That's is why, many patients who has TB is really being monitored by the DOTS representatives so that the patients will be cured, but if the patient doesn't want to partake in such engagement, there will be lapses and the assurance of getting well will surely be negative.


I was obliged and also disciplined myself to wake up early this morning so I can partake the activity that one of my head (boss) had told and invited me to attend. At first I was nearly having second thoughts on attending to such seminar. I thought it might end up boring and the activity might as well be cancelled because of the announced brownout again scheduled around 7 am in the morning 'ti 5 in the afternoon. But then again, I told myself I will be learning new things again so why not?

The assembly was before 8 am in the morning at the Central Office of my work. Then from there we will be part of a parade from the Pe├▒aranda Park where the said people and organizations will be participating. The more I got excited when I saw the color coding. It was purple. My favorite hue.

The activity was all about the celebration of Lung Month. Since Albay has been strictly and really starting to be an advocate in preventing rampant cause of lung illnesses and disease, (from a recent Anti-Smoking Campaign) this activity was also made possible. Selected Health organizations and sectors were invited and be the representatives of such advocacy as well.

The CSCDI Legazpi and Tabaco team up to partake the said activity.
- Yosi Kadiri was the one who lead us in the start of the parade.
I was also amazed on how the parade was really organized and how the police officers and traffic enforcers really maintain the smooth flow of the parade. The said activity also set as an awareness to people with regards to such celebration since many aren't aware of such programs implemented.

From the parade we all proceed to Bicol University, where the seminar and talks will be held. The campaign for this program was all about the Department of Health's (DOH) program which is the "UBO KALBULARYO" which tackles about one of the communicable diseases rampant in the Philippines which is Tuberculosis. The said program and campaign sets as an awareness and also teaches about on how the disease will be prevented and cured.

- Tuberculsosis Program and Campaign.
- Registration area.
Even if the scheduled brownout was continued, the show must go on. The program and campaign was also dedicated to the high school students (participants coming form Bicol University High School students) to give an eye opener and inculcate awareness to young adolescence so that they will also be able to be mediums in preventing such occurrence and distribution of such disease and illness. It was nice that the students were so thrilled and also enthusiastic to learn something new and be able to be part of such campaign.

Students patiently waiting for the start of the program.
- Yosi Kadiri with Miss Gay Bracia leading the program
- Yosi Kadiri from the Anti-Smoking Campaign welcomes the participants.
- Informative brochures for such acitvity.
This informative papers includes the steps and ways to prevent the said disease, which is Tuberculosis. It has been a cliche, that when it comes to one's health according to Benjamin Franklin,  "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". that's why really need to take care of ourselves.

After the said program, was also lead by the Public Health Officer, Dr. Mendoza where he has to tackle the disease itself. The prevention as then given by the NTP Nurse Coordinator Miss Gay Bracia.  were  the students had a interactive learning as well where they were able to apply what they've learned form the talk. There was also the "UBOoth" where they can answer certain questions from the laptop. It was really a success and was indeed informative for the students.

I really enjoyed the said program and was more excited when I was able to get a souvenir shirt and was also able to get a picture with Yosi Kadiri (even though I have this mere anxiety when in comes to being near a mascot).

- SAY NO TO SMOKING, Mister Yosi Kadiri.

Many people still has a wrong connotation when it comes to these disease that which should really be corrected. That is why every health organizations and sectors will want to make an awareness and be able to correct such stigma so that we can be able to attain a good and better health for each and everyone not just in Albay, or in our country but the world as well. Every prevention and advocacy starts from each individual. Every change in one's health practice will actually make a difference not only with ourselves but as well to those who have no fully understanding to such matter. One doesn't need to actually be in field of Nursing, Medical or whatsoever degree holder you are when it comes to this matter. Even in our own little and simplest ways we can attain a better lifestyle with just proper information. I hope that more and more programs and campaigns will be implemented so that one can start right when in comes to one health.

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