Mexita: Acoustic Night

Rating: ★★★★

It's weekend once again. We just have this so called non-formal agreement where each weekend or when we have a jamming, there is one sponsor, where he/she will be the one to pay for the expenses when the group have their dinner. And this time it was my turn to do so.

Mang Inasal: Dinner with friends

It's nice to have friends not just the ones you already have but also have a good relationship and be able to build a rapport with your co-workers as well. We started to get along by just this year that we already started to always hang-out and also enjoyed each others company by then. We also started to be able to get to know each other well as the time goes by. We also had this so-called attachment to Mang Inasal, whenever we tend to have our dinner after work. We also often joked around that if ever we'll be eating outside again, we should really start looking for another eating venue other than MI.

Fashion Friday: Miss Bicol University 2013

Since intramurals and pageants are again at it's peak, gowns and crowns will definitely be in again.

I was all throughout ever surprised and amazed when I knew my Yobo's ssister is into pageants that I usually want to watch her on it. I met Katrina Villanueva, way back in 2011 when Yobo introduced her me in Mang Inasal at Embarcadero when we were about to have our dinner. She was his sister. She was then a contender for Miss Embarcadero 2011. From there, I started to really be amused and as well admired her to having the confidence, the brains and as well as beauty in joining to such competitions. It was almost one of my frustrations way back when I was in my high school to college era. 

Then I also learned that she gained already the title of Miss Camalig. So from there, I started to have the enthusiasm to support her or even just watch her if ever she'll be joining another competition. But sadly as years passed by 2011-2012, I wasn't able to watch her and support her than lead to my frustrations as well. That's why I oath that if ever I'll be able have the opportunity for this year, I will definitely watch her and support her. Sadly the time she joined the Miss BUCS (Bicol University College of Science) 2013 for their intrams, I wasn't able to watch since I didn't have any companion and Yobo was then had his shift moved to mid shift. The more instance that I will not really be able to watch it. She won as 2nd Runner up by then. 

Surprisingly, she became the representative of BUCS due to some circumstances making her the contender for the Mister and Miss Bicol University 2013. The pageant took place last September 19, 2013 at Albay Astrodome. 

Photo by J. Lastimosa. Might and Beauty.
From there, I told myself, all through-out I will definitely support her and will do anything just to watch the pageant. I was more happy when Yobo's shift was moved to morning again, the more I get the chance to support her and able to witness her in a pageant.

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We were all full force and as well as ready to give all our might as well as to support this beauty.

Ever BUCS students and councils showed their support
Everyone from the BUCS was really there all throughout to show their deepest support and willing to sacrifice their vocal chords just to cheer her. GO KAT!! 

Agents starting to reveal their identitites
Photo by Shanti: A cool agent motif introduction number

The pageant of Mister and Miss Bicol University 2013 was an Agent inspired theme. The more we really felt cool and as well it was really awesome!

Photo by Shanti: With confidence introducing herself
Photo by Wang: Sexy agent number 13.

Photo by Wang: Mister and Miss BUCS confidently ramps their swim & formal wears
Photo by Johnry Lastimosa. Pretty and elegant blue gown perfectly fits K. Villanueva

We were all throughout support to her and was also feeling even nervous as the competition goes nearer to the crown. She wasn't able to harvest and get most of the awards but still we are confidently praying that she will definitely make it to the Top and nearer to having the crown. She was able to get the Miss Talent Award. We shouted at the top of our lungs when she was getting her award.

Then came the Top Seven (7), where she made it. The more we really felt nervous and continuously pray and hope she'll make it to the next phase. Luckily, she was able to answer the question in confidence that she was able to make through the Top Four (4).

Photo by J. Lastimosa. K. Villanueva patiently waits for her turn to pick and answer her question
Photo by J. Lastimosa. K. Villanueva answers the question with all through confidence

Yobo's father and mother started to really feel nervous and starts to eagerly pray that she will make it to the crown. Then she was the last one to answer the final question, and we were really confident that she will definitely get the crown as she answered it confidently and with flying colors.

Photo by Shanti: K. Villanueva having an ease conversation with the hosts
Photo by K. Lastimosa. As she confidently answers the question with no second thoughts
Then the moment of truth came, there were already two of them. The battle between BUCS and BUCENG. As the emcees, slowly and loudly proclaimed the Miss Bicol University 2013, it was none other than our pretty Katrina Villanueva.  We suddenly stood from our since and took us about 5-10 minutes nonstop jumping for joy when she was crowned. The more I was really happy when I witnessed how Yobo's family was really proud and as well jumped for extreme happiness of her achievement.

Photo by Avant Studios. Pretty Kat's expression upon the announcement
The Top Four pretty and gorgeous ladies.
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Gorgeous Katrina Villanueva, newly crowned Miss Bicol University 2013
Photo by Avant Studios. Mister BUCAL 2013 and Miss BUCS 2013
Photos by Avant Studios. Newly crowned as Mister and Miss Bicol University 2013
From L-R: Kat's classmate, Yobo, Kat and I
From L-R: Kuya Anthony (their cousin), Mister BU 2013 - Carl, Miss BU 2013 - Kat, Tito, Yobo and I
It was really a night to remember for our pretty and gorgeous Katrina Villanueva. Looking forward to witnessing her phases as she gets more titles for her next beauty reigning moments. And surely we are confident that she'll get it again.

** some photos are credited to Avant Studios, Wang, Johnry Lastimosa and Shanti.

Embarcadero: Biking Experience

I've been hanging out with my co-workers every Saturdays, we went to a perspiring activity yet an exciting one. I was able to cross out another from my Bucket List, where I have to learn to ride a bicycle. Which usually I ended up crashing or losing my balance, but just last Saturday, I was able to go beyond my capabilities and got addicted to riding the bike.

Review: Excel Paris Matte Lip Creams

Rating: ★★★★

I've been experimenting on how to have a pleasing look for my day to day, and since I'm also now trying to look like a professional and as well also look as of my age, I am really starting to be engrossed in learning how to apply make-up, which I used to not love this kind of stuff.  (will tell about this sometime in one of my posts)

So I'm starting with lip creams. I was first caught by these little cute lip hues when I saw it from my sister I was more shocked when she brought it only for a cheaper prize. Then I told myself to buy next time I have my salary. It was not long enough that I was able to have my sets, even though there where also delays since the availability was also late, still I was able to purchase them.

I got my first purchase on an Online Shop, which is also less hassle for transactions since their shop is local bound and also a friend of my sister. I was really excited to have these babies as my own already. No need to borrow from le sister. Thank you for Mademoiselle R's Boutique that I was able to avail these affordable Lip Creams.

Mademoiselle R's Boutique ☺

18 Perks & Peeves of Being A Nursing Student

Being a nursing student can really be fun and can give you a lot of good and bad memories at the same time. But when the time comes that you were able to get hold of the card that will you will be proud of, it will just make you smile how hard you tried to fight for the licence and how things were when you were just on your way to being a professional nurse. 

TMI Tuesday: 5 Lies That Girls Tell

TMI? Well, goes to show that is Tuesday today dear spices. Since I am not in so much telling something about my self and I don't want to be so vain (since tomorrow is going to GPOYW), I decided to TMI on this lovely hot Tuesday is about what particular lies a girl usually say to their friends, loved ones and specially with ones self. 

Girl's cannot deny (even though they always do) the fact that they are so emotional and as well as good in telling lies specially when in comes to their true colors and feelings. They become so fickle minded that they to don't know the difference of reality or fantasy sometimes. They tend to confine themselves of what they really feel. Other girls tend to be vocal when it comes to what they are experiencing, they become transparent as well. While there are those girls that tend to be so secretive and be introvert most of the time, making them prone to any denial, projection, suppression and as well as of depression because of the defense mechanism that they tend to use. But more to that, they tend to lie more about their emotions when they are in a relationship. Just to prevent any possible arguments or broken relationships, but little that they know that the more they lie, the more they tend to lead to mistrust and as well as break-up.

As I was back reading in my Tweet feeds, I noticed this tweet that made me come into my post for today.  I saw these topics that might be an eye opener specially to guys when it comes to getting to know their girls more and more. Some might agree with me while others might as well contradict, but since I just want to share some info, well here it goes.

Lies can sometimes lead to a bigger conflict and deception in life
5 Lies That Girls Tell:
  1. I'm fine. When a girl's tell you that she's fine and starts to give you that smirk, well honestly she's not. This is one of her best lies that will really leave you hanging because deep inside you, you know that she is not. Girls tend to mask their self, or hide their true emotions, to hide that they are weak and need comfort sometimes. But this might go out of hand as well. but mostly they tend to keep this to avoid any kind of conflicts or fights. Little do girls know as well is that, the more they tend to tell the people around them that they are fine, the more the people around them also get confused of what really is their state in one way or the other. Suppressing or denying the fact that you are not okay makes yourself confused as well, you tend to become a martyr when the times arises that you need to be not fine.
  2. I'm not jealous. This part of the girls tend to go little out of hand now a days, since there are many temptations in the world, you cannot deny the fact that girls tend to be insecure one way or the other. They would at least try their best to look good no matter what so that they can keep the people close to her. Attention and effort is what other girls want that when they don't get it, they tend to rationalize and also try to argue about the things that captures others attention. They end to say to their self that getting jealous is so immature, but a healthy one can assure that you caring so much that loosing them should not be in the picture. They tend to tell others that they are not jealous but once you turn their backs on them, as if they want to stab you without thinking again. But others girls just tend to be better so that they won't be the one to be jealous rather than the opposite.
  3. I'm over him. Once a girl gets into a broken relationship, she might be over him truly (if she really doesn't love the guy anymore then she is) but the fact that she was the one being dumped for any other reason, this will surely take a while for her. Girls tend to reminisce a lot than the guys. They can say that they over him today, but once they see the guy or any forms that will surely remind her of him, emotions will start to burst again. You can notice on how she suddenly changes her actions, her speeches and as well as her reasoning trying to just hide that she really is not over him - at all or yet. Moving on is really a process and will surely takes a little bit more time than the expected.
  4. Sure, we can be friends. Girls who wants to be friends with their past relationship/s, tend to take a little bit harder and longer to move on. They can agree at first that they want to be friends with the guy so that they can still have communication and still be in touch, but sooner or later, the more she gets attached again, the more that she will expect from the other party. The more she is trying to contain herself not showing any intentions that she wants him back. For others they might work well, but mostly to some it doesn't. If the girl really wants to be friends with the guy again, it might be after a year or even decades until she can assure to herself that she is already fine and over him already.
  5. I'm not mad. This is the most favorite lie of a girl. When she's telling you she's not mad, but you know that you've done something wrong, you better take a good look on how she utter this three words to you. Better yet, try to make it up to her and as well as cuddle her a little bit if that would help. But of the tactics doesn't aid, then give her sometime, but not so long that she might over think again that you you are not caring enough. Their madness tend to just subside 1-2 days after any small conflicts, but if you know that you've done a big mistake, then prepare yourself for a longer silent treatment.
Girls can really be mysterious and be confusing - most of the time - but that is how they were created by God to test the guys how long they can stay for her and to be there to understand her more and more. If the guy is ever to surpass such trial when it comes to their relationship, then I trul;y salute him. Since a real guy will surely take his time trying to change that about her, and make her more open to what she truly feels. If he can activate that from her, then surely girls won't even try to tell this lies anymore, because she knows that she can be more transparent for him. An open communication will be the best tool a to successful relationship as they say. 

Sometimes, girls tend to just divert their emotions in some none sense stuff that usually make the situation worst. in the first place, telling a lie is not the right thing to do. So what can you say? Should one still try to hide their emotions even if with small matters or try opening with the people concern first and try to talk about it?

* P.S: Photo is Google-d and was just tweaked by yours truly.

Food Box Express

Legazpi City, Philippines
Rating: ★★★★★

Since my Aunt is fond of cooking and it has been her passion ever since, she started making this simple and small distribution in the market where they make Chicken Nuggets and Chicken Fingers. I assure you that those two selling chicken delights is really worth a buy and taste, since it has no preservatives and really prepared fresh. Assuring the consumers the best quality with their foods. For those who are familiar with their products, it goes by the name of Twix's Chicken Nuggets and Chicken Fingers.

Then, last August 27, 2013 my aunties started to have their opening of their new business. Food Box Express was born. Food Box Express caters food to those who are too busy and has no time to prepare their own meal. They offer a variety of rice toppings that are will sure be worth a try. 

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