Yaba + Yobo: Naga City

FIRST ESCAPE! Premi√®re √©chapper! I'm just so excited to bits when Yobo suddenly gave an idea for us to celebrate my birthday. It's almost his gift as well. But since there was a more important event during my birthday, we decided to make it by the 23rd of November. So there, it was all set then. I was just like a little kiddo so excited of having our first "travel" as well as an adventure too (since it was the "first time" for the two of us in that place. The more we really felt excited because we get to cross out 2 things all at once in our Yobo  & Yaba's Bucket List.

Pilipinas Kong Mahal, Makakaahon ka din

Pilipinas:Filipina by Jeini Relova
It has been almost a week after the devastation from Super Typhoon Yolanda occurred at the land of the pearl of the orient sea, the Philippines, particularly targeting the middle island of Visayas. It has been a heart breaking news not only for the Visayans but as well as the whole part of the Philippines. It was really a tragic and almost millions of people sympathizes and as well as willing to be the help they can be to be able to lift the spirits of the Visayans once again. Tons and tons of foundations, organizations and as well as fund raising were opened to collate the needed equipment and stuff of the affected civilians. One of the famous advocacy also is the "Tulong Na, Tabang Na, Tayo Na", were many stars and Filipinos starting to lend their hand and starts to make resources where they can be a help for the affected parts of the continent. I'm also a prod Albayano, because the numbers of volunteers and the people who are willing to help is just countless. More and more help just keeps coming even it our own little ways. Not only their state that can make your heart break into more fragments but the number of casualties as well as the damages the calamity had brought will almost make you cry unconsciously because of what are featured in the news, articles and photos. It is heartwarming as well that even the foreign countries are willing to lend a help and as well as willing to aid in the distribution of supplies and goods as well in the search and rescue. Even celebrities form other countries sends their greatest concern and empathy for the Filipinos. 

This catastrophe also made lots and tons of noises and arguments not only in the tabloids but as well as the internet. Since the social media has been really viral now a days, the Filipinos can't either way make an obligatory post regarding such issue. But the sad part is that it went too far and out of hand. People started pouring out their emotions on the: government - how they should be attending to the needs of thousands and thousand of now homeless and striving Filipinos; politicians - how they should now show their affection and their "true" and "rightful duties and obligations and even the religious denominations - various of perspectives, faith, beliefs, blasphemous statements towards another. The more that the issue is getting fired up day after day. I'm not against such freedom of expression, because it the right of every person to state what is in their mind, but sometimes keeping silence is one way of showing how wise we are in this kind of issues. There are just people that sometimes go with the flow of the heated issue and doesn't even know what they are talking about. They just add up to the flaring emotions and starting another issue or even making the whole situation worse because of the added information that sometimes are not connected anymore to the topic. It's just a saddening truth that this should had been the time to be united and just be there for those who are in need of our attention.

I just hope and pray that sooner or later my fellow countrymen will be able to surpass such trial. They may be in a state where they just want to survive a midst the devastating and traumatic experience they were put into, but I still believe that even of they are in such situation they still cling to God the Almighty that one day they will be able to see the light again, to lead them to not loose hope and keep moving forward. And for those families that have lost their loved ones, it may be the most painful loss and as well as a time where they can blame and cry for days or more, its normal, but one day it will just be a memory where the Filipinos hath shown how brave they were, how they strive and fought their every minute just to live. And someday there will be a time that the people and our countrymen will be able to wear a smile once again. 

For now, it's a matter of our actions that they badly need, what we can do for them rather than words that are just casted. This shall be a start, to make a difference once again. 

High School Reunion Vol. 02

Reunions are at its peak once again. Since it's the holidays and many people go home to their designated home towns, so it can't be help that a little gathering are being planned. I sometimes can't attend to such because of my busy schedules last year and almost some of the past years. But this year, I oath to myself that I would not let this year pass without seeing the people close to me back in high school. 

It was a little bit sad because not all of our high school friends were there to celebrate it with us, but still each and everyone manages to enjoy every minute of having fun with the closest people and to the person that we enjoyed being with. It was also fun due to it was my very first "night out" as well being a professional and an adult.

Had a delightful dinner at Wacky's Bar and Restaurant. Sight seeing, food trips and as well as tons of picture taking at Embarcadero De Legazpi as well. We just can't contain the happiness and as well as the reminiscing and catching up. It was indeed another night to remember for each and everyone of us.

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