Celebrating Life At 23

This might really be a late post since I've been really busy. Since it's Happy Monday, I decided to share the Special Day last November 22, 2013. Well it's the time of the year, were I get to get old once again. Yes, I'm now 23 years old and I'm blessed, happy and grateful more today as ever as I was. It was just a nice morning to thank the Lord that I'm still alive and be able to open a new phase in my life. To change for the better and be able to rekindle every aspects of my passion and life. I may be expecting a little bit special today, but the people who really loved me just made my day even special and worth remembering. Just thanking every one that made it worth remembering as well.

FAMILY. It was a nice morning to be greeted by my Nanay as she hugged me tight and loudly said "Happy Birthday Ateng!", I just can;t help but wake up early even though I still want to snooze more. It was like I was waking up to a brighter and brand new day. The more that I was able to enjoy my day was having to have a "Special Breakfast" on my day.

Special Breakfast by my Nanay.
It was indeed a full tummy and wonderful meal to start the day. Everything was just starting good and right. I was then greeted by my sister and gave me her biggest and tightest hug as ever. Making this another day. Surely my Tatay also greeted me by calling on my cell and keeps on asking what I want for my birthday. he even made Bitstrips, and  Online Cards that really made my heart melt into bits even if he was far from home. He still manages to make me swoon in every effort that he does. I just love my family and will def not replace them to another whatever it takes. My cousins also sang me nonstop the "Happy Birthday" song over and over again. It was just so fun. My Auntie also greeted me through text and as well as gave me messages. It was just a warm greeting to the closest people you've grown up with.

Chocolate cravings! Sweetest cake ever.
YOBO. Then, surely one of the people that made my day as special as ever is my Yobo. he then started greeting me with his sms birthday greeting. And as well manages to made me special on my day by calling me over and over again as the "Birthday Girl". He just made and assure that it was indeed my day to celebrate. The more he swept me off my feet by giving me surprises! He gave me a chocolate cake with greeting on it. The message just made my heart melt as well.

 It was just so special since it was also the first time that Yobo did something like this. Sweetness Overload!

"Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it." 

FRIENDS. And everyone really manages to make my day even more special by making their efforts just to greet me in the simplest ways that they can. Some texted, PM-ed, tweeted, Skype-ed, Wall posted and as well as commented. It was just one of those exciting parts as well where I get to read their messages. I was indeed grateful! I'm also thankful for my Bezie for giving me her birthday gift as well. 
Cutest tumbler from Bezie!! 

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Went with my family and Yobo
And one of the highlights of my birthday as well was the concert of our Church Ministry, (will be posting on this soon) Cuerdas.. Since my sister was one of the musicians, we really get to watch the concert as well. 

DIY shirt designs by yours truly.
"Addressing one another in psalms & hymns & spiritual songs, singing & making melody to the Lord with your heart" 
- Ephesians 5:19

I was able to share my talent as well by designing shirts (open for orders!) where my Nanay can sell. I was just engrossed and made me want to embracing art again. As if I want to revive the passion and love that I have for it. 

It was indeed one of my birthdays that I really enjoyed. And this time it is more nice and worth remembering and was better than last year. I was able to set new goals and be able to seek more aid from god as well as I grow older that day. I was just simply blessed. No words can't totally repay every joy the they've given me. Thank you. 
Officially 23 & proud to be.

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