Marie's Culinary Creations

My sister and I have been eyeing on this since we were having our walkathon sometime after attending from our Prayer Meeting. The place is really eye catching and the colors will definitely intrigue you. Since my sister is fond of trying new things and has this "it" for indulging into sweet stuff that she told me that she will definitely try this one. And since I am such a "want-to-try-new-stuff" gal, that we decided to have our date and try the place.

I thought it was just another "come and go", "order up" kind of place, but as my sister and I entered, it was indeed beyond what I am expecting. The ambiance was definitely really welcoming and the staff will make you feel at ease and really want to try the place.


It is a bistro-cafe that serves a variety of meals and specializes with cupcakes. A nice place where people can definitely find a nice cozy and relaxing hang-out. Old friends can have their "catching up" and "chit chats", business mini-meetings and even bring a date to have a sip of coffee and indulge with the different Marie's creations. You too might fall in love with their creations as with the place.

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