YabaYobo: 1095 days

I remember it as if it was just like yesterday. It may sound clichè one way but it seems that waking to 23rd of August seems surreal. As I opened my eyes, I thought I was still dreaming and more likely I felt more nervous as I tried waking myself. Indeed today is the day. It's definitely 3 years then after I met the guy who made me feel more special and loved more than I could possibly imagine. And since we don't celebrate monsthsaries anymore I know that this day will definitely more than just special.

A Million Chances To Love You More Everyday


Words and actions will never be enough to show how much thankful and blessed you are once you found the person that will always make you feel that you are the most important person for them. The way that you never want to let go such person because you know that he/she is the one that you are willing to spend the rest of your life with.

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