Chowking: Happy Pao

Rating: ★★★★★

I've always been addicted to pigs and pandas. If I've started a long time ago collecting merchandises, I could have own my very own farm of them. I am also fond of eating Siopao. I just enjoying eating those white dough formed into bun that I even made my own neologism calling it "PaoSio". 

Review: Shokubutsu Hana Shampoo (Soft & Silky)

Rating: ★★★★★

I am definitely a kind of person that every time there is something new in the shampoo industry, I tend to try most of it so I can compare and contrast. I would like to know what kind of shampoo really suits my hair. I used to really stick to one shampoo, Fructis, but since it's an imported product I only get the chance to use it every time our Aunt would send us "balik bayan" products. Since then I can't really make up my mind on what brands should I really stay loyal with. I've been in a cycle where I get to use 2-3 shampoos in a span of 1 month, depending on the mood and scent I wanted. Making my hair more brittle and dry since I can't decide on what should I really use consistently. 

I've been intrigued since this shampoo came into the market. Not only does the commercial really shows the care for the hair but its also emphasizes about it's natural essence. The more I got curious that I can't wait to consume my current shampoo so I can switch to this. 

- Shokubutsu Hana Shampoo (Soft & Silky)
Shokubutsu is Japanese leading and famous brand known for using natural ingredients in their products. Now they also formulated a shampoo where they can make hair more beautiful and provide the gentle care it needs. 

Signs That You Are A 90's Kid

I've been planning to compile or make a post regarding this topic. As for me, nothing beats something that has been a part of me and has made an impact specially during my childhood days. Not only does it give me tons of memories but it would always makes me shout or even laugh because I was really able to experience such. I also can't help but share to you my experiences. 

So if you're definitely born the same generations as I am 
then you would definitely enjoy this as well. 

So seat back, relax and let's travel through time, shall we?


(in no chronological order)
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Happy Monday: Happy Birthday, Tita Ana!

We all know that when it's the 8th of September they commemorate the Virgin Mary, but for Yobo's family it's more than that. It's the day that Tita Ana was born. This year he also planned to make her day extraordinary, just like what her family did as well, just to make her happy on her special day.

It was a very busy day as well for me and Yobo since we get to do the reservations and etcetera just to be able to pull of the celebration. Kat (his sister), was the one responsible for the birthday cake.  It was also a new experience since the past 2 years, I was always busy and our schedules would always collide that I couldn't make it. So this year was definitely different. Since Yobo has been dying to bring his family to  Uncle Ton's (which I will be featuring soon), we definitely made sure that it will be possible on Tita's birthday and thus it was one of those happy moments for Yobo and her family indeed.

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Tita Ana blowing her birthday candle.

I was having troubles and second thoughts on what to give to Tita on her birthday. I made a sketch but I wasn't that confident to give it as a gift. When Yobo saw it, he was so amazed that he said that I should def give it to Tita. Yobo also encouraged me to give it on that day because he is sure that she will really love it. So during dinner time, I reached for my gift and handed it to her.

Liebster Award Vol. 01

I was awarded and tagged once again. Thanks to Jaiza for this another wonderful award once again. The nice thing about this is I get the chance to answer and share another fact about myself ad as well to be able to explore my very own too. 


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