Woman Fashion x Invaluable: Casual Sailor With Cartier

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Hello there sprinkles! Since the holidays started, I just can't help but start to "window shop" and even checked my wish list for something nice for Christmas. And I bet that you are having the same dilemma, but worry no more because look what I found. This might be one of those stuff you might want to have for yourself! So what's the catch? I came across another site which will definitely help me and definitely you guys to make give your ootd's a new whole level!

Invaluable is one of the world's largest marketplace and a growing family that sells various merchandises. What is nice about their store is that they also auctions excellent and quality stuff which you can't possibly imagine having - in just one click!

From there, I just fell in love with Invaluable's watches and can't help but match it with some of my fave outfits from Cute Harajuku and Woman Fashion, which some of you guys aren't new, since I've been blabbering about it 2-3 times in a week. So here's what I came up with.

Woman Fashion: For The Love Of Lace

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Featuring some of the cutest finds I love about 
Woman Fashion: Online Shop

Christmas is only a few days away and we just can't help but rush into malls or boutiques just to have the perfect dress or attire for casual to formal Christmas parties. Worry no more because here are some of my favorite outfits that may help you be to stand out and totally rock another holiday! Well today, I just fell in love with Woman Fashion's laces!

Just fell in love with this look. What I love about this dress is that it gives the sweet and enchanting vibe. It makes you feel like a fairy of the winter season. And it has a twist in it!

How To "Winterize" Your Nails: Julep

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Holidays are coming and parties are just around the corners. Clothes and jewelries will definitely be in the list but, nails do too!

I have always been addicted to nail polish. I would usually change it twice in a week depending on the hue that I am feeling for my fingers or depending on my mood. I am also fond of hoarding new colors or brands that I tried controlling myself to buying more. So here's another brand that you might start lovin' and collecting!

 is a nice and friendly online shop of nail beauty products like nail polishes. They provide different hues at an affordable price that will totally make your nails your best accessory. They will also rock your nails for the winter season. They also come in a tube-container that makes in handy and you can definitely retouch once in a while - Yup! They are like lipgloss. Check their eye catching WINTER COLLECTION hues, aren't they just pretty and fashionable?

Pink Tinted Glasses

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Hello there sprinkles! Just want to share a simple update on how my December is starting so far! Yesterday, I received a "blessing in disguise" - again! Remember when I told you that blessings just kept on showering? Well they come in packages.

I've been recently messaged on my Fan Page and told me that she will be giving me something because she just loves my works (doodles and commissions). At first, I thought I was only dreaming when she told me about giving me a specs as gift, but surely upon having my hands on them surely it was true.

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