The Apple Peach House

Rating: ★★★★★

I've been eyeing on this place for sometime now. It really caught my attention last year, because it is near the spot where my ride in going to work is located. I got curious and fell in love with it when it started to operate. Finally this year, I was able to get the chance to try it. 

The Apple Peach House. A hotel slash bar slash cafe with the most finest interior design and accommodations. A minimalist boutique that also caters good selections of beverages and foods. So let's have a tour and get the chance to a cozy and fancy experience inside the house. 

2015 Filed Doodle Planner

Rating: ★★★★★

Hello there guys and gals! It's 2015 alright and sorry for being so quiet for some time. I was yet caught up with this "art block" disorder that I also ended up procrastinating so many posts, which was really so past their dates. I promise to really post them soon this month.

Well enough about that and let me welcome you with a fun filled treat! Remember those times that I kept blabbering about one of my favorite brands? Well here is a little peek about one of the coolest planners of 2015! And make sure to grab one and make this one yours too!

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