Kawaii School Uniforms

School days are up again and I know how students rush to getting their uniforms fix and ready. I miss those times. I've always have this strange fantasy that I live in Japan or Korean and I am currently studying in a prestigious university in Tokyo or Seoul. Call me crazy for having such a weird dream (until now), but you too can't deny their school uniforms are just to die for. It just gives you that anime-ish feeling at the same time.

Cute Harajuku: As White As Snow

Rating: ★★★★★

I've always love the color white. Not because I'm a nurse and I used to wear my clinical uniform but it gives me that clean feeling. It like looking at the most cleanest color ever (literally). And what I love about this hue is that it can go in whatever style or color you would want it to be paired. It's just like black where you can match without having the fear to look so weird and out of style. 

Review: Maybelline White Super Fresh Cake Powder

Rating: ★★★★

I've been using Maybelline products since last year and I just fell in love on how they just assure their consumers with the quality they sell to the market. I got curioused and can't help but to try the new product that is out in the market! Since I was in my trial and test, I started going for the fillers first, because it's way cheaper and more handy than the real deal. 

Cute Harajuku: Bear Tights Cute Girl Fashion

Rating: ★★★★★

I know I've been blabbing about Cute Harajuku since I've started blogging on the fashion side of me, but you can't blame me. They just have the coolest and cutest stuff everywhere! They are also one of the most nicest and accommodating international store I know - so far. And baby, I just got my package last week and I just can't help but get too stoked. I bet you started guessing what was inside the package? Well you are right! This is just one of those treats!

I've been dying to have one of these since - forever! Well, not really forever, but since I love watching animes, Japanese and Korean series I just can't help but want to have those knee high socks that the characters usually wore. They are just so fashionable and will make every look cute. 

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