Celebrating Life At 24

Last year, we celebrated Yobo's birthday with a simple dinner, a greeting cake and a simple anime version of us. I was having my last minute planning and starting to be anxious on what to pull off for his day this year. I started cramming and even made a big leap just to make his birthday unforgettable. Since the gift I was supposed to give him got a little problem and one of the surprises got a little bit late, I have to settle with another plan. Good thing that after the agony of coordinating and planning, everything was just in time. Since parties and eating in restos are overrated, we tried to make a difference this year.

Father's Day Special: How I Met Your "Father"

I've been an avid fan of How I Met Your Mother, not only did I get too attached to each characters (will be making on a separate post), but the other minor ones even made the show tingle one's heart. Today, I decided to make a more special post to all the father's out there! I added a little parody on the title and gave way to the all the fathers of each major characters. So sit back and relax because it's gonna be legen---- wait for it. 

Fashion Fridays: Sneakers On The Go

It's Fashion Friday once again, I would like to share with you my top comfy choices which I've been wanting to be part of my sneaker collection. 

I've always been a fan of sneakers and I've been dying to buy at least two (2) next month. Yes, I'm a sneaker collector. But I always come to a point where my budget is tight, and I just end up buying more than the usual the next months. 

[CLOSED] June Collaboration Giveaway

Happy Independence guys!!! Well aside from celebrating the freedom of every Filipinos out there, I've got the best treat for each of you!!! Since the month of June has been going great so far and one of my blogger friends, Lou of Miss Eleigh Neux, is also celebrating her day today, we decided to give you a treat! And aside from the coolest prizes, we also collaborated with the other awesome bloggers, Emmerey of Love and Elegance and Chiq of Charmed Life, How cool is that?

So start casting those entries and get the chance to win these awesome cool stuff!!! 
Just simply follow the instructions below. 

Cute Harajuku & Woman Fashion: Hi! I'm Baymax

Disney never fails to make me addicted to their cutest characters once in a while. Last year they pulled off a Japanese 3D animation that every child was fascinated. It also gave the grownups the coolest and cutest movie so far.  Big Hero 6, was a hit and merchandises are everywhere. It even had a rumor that there will be part two movie – hope this one is true. Well you just can’t deny that seeing that fluffy, white marshmallow-like character just makes you all giddy to be part of your collection – if you have one.

I just can’t help but get hooked to this cutest items. So here’s a simple treat to get that health care companion in your collection. 

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