[CLOSED] Ajeinomoto x Kawaii Box Giveaway

I would like to congratulate the two (2) lucky winners on the #AjeinomotoCuteharajukuGiveaway. Let's give them around of applause. But the fun and treat doesn't stop there. Remember when I told you that there will be another treat? Well get those hands clasp because Kawaii Box and I will be giving you the chance to have a box full of cute stuff  just like I did. ! Isn't that awesome?


Kawaii Box: A Cute Subscription Box

Mails and packages always make me happy! Something arrived last Monday and I just can't contain myself with these ever overloaded cuteness. I just got giddy and opened it immediately.

Fashion Fridays: Sunflower Collection

It's Fashion Friday! Get those sartorial go wild and rock you #ootds with these stylish finds!

I've been in love with sunflowers since the day I've laid my eyes on it. Yes, I am too obsessed no words will suffice the kind of infatuation I have for these babies. That's is why, I made sure that these collections from Cute Harajuku was not missed in my list. 

10 Things I've Learned in Miracle in Cell No. 7

Rating: ★★★★★
Genre: Comedy, Drama
I was curious back then what's the reason behind almost all of my friends were posting something about a movie called, "Miracle in Cell No. 7". I was so curious that I wanted to have a copy of it as soon as possible. Well it took me a 2 years from its release before I finally get the chance to see it. 

I've been always an avid fan of Korean movies and that's why I am sure that this one will really make me laugh and cry tons of buckets. I know that this is one fictional movie, but we can't deny that these things can actually happen in real life and it just made an impact not only to me but to everyone who watched this movie.

So here are some good lessons that you can actually get from Miracle in Cell No. 7.

Manila: Enchanted Kingdom

After our stop from Museo Orlina, we then headed to one of the most exciting and highlight of the tour. None other than Enchanted Kingdom. It might sound not so exciting, but the fun about getting back to this place is that it brings a lot of memories for me. Since this is my 3rd time to visit, I was the one who accompanied and gave tips to one of my EK buddies. And it was really nostalgic for me.

10 Things I Love About How I Met Your Mother

Rating: ★★★★★

Kids, this is a story about How I Met Your Mother - or not? At last! I finally get the chance to finish the series. Yes, starting from Season 1 down to Season 9. Ha-burn! I just can't help but get swoon and get so attached as the story goes to its finale. Some had their two thumbs up while other got so disappointed, but for me HIMYM will always be one of my greatest favorite Rom-Com TV series. You know why? Because there are a lot of stuff going on in each episode. 

[CLOSED] Ajeinomoto x Cute Harajuku Giveaway

I would like to congratulate the winner of the June Collaboration Giveaway! As for those who weren’t able to win, I have another big treat for you!  Because you were so warm and cozy to me these past few months. Blessings have been pouring and I also want you to be part of it.

I’ve been a fan of Cute Harajuku’s fashion and cute stuff. Well you can’t blame me. Not only are they so accommodating, they also guarantee you with high quality products. What’s the catch? I want you to experience the Shibuya feels at the palm of your hands just like what I did.


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