Old School with Man Crates

I've been seeing tons of posts on my social feeds these passed few days and I just can't help but keep reminiscing all sorts of items and memories I have when I was a kid. I even kept annoying and bragging Yobo how cool being a 90's kiddo and how I manage to avail almost all the usual stuff a 90's kid has.

Then I came across a good shop where it caters all sorts of cool stuff. They truly live up to their claim of being the "most awesome gift in the world".

Man Crates is an online shop that caters to all those gifts dilemmas you have specially when it comes to special occasions and your special someone (specially the guys). They give quality gifts at your door steps secured in crates.

The cool stuff about them is that it is not the typical box you get for a gift. They also made sure that not only do you enjoy what's inside the package but you also get to enjoy the packaging itself.

Shipped with a crowbar. Because unwrapping the gift is half the fun. 

They have about forty-three (43) various gift crates you can choose from. One of my favorite is the Old School Crate. It is like a time capsule where you have to fill them with those stuff that will make you cherish every child in you. So if ever I would be filling this dream crate with these ten (10) cool old school stuff.

So that's about it for - now. How about you? What would you like to be inside your dream or old school crate? I bet it will also be filled with tons of cool items. Better watch out for some big treat for the holidays. 

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