Fashion Fridays: Strawberry Madness

It's Fashion Friday! Get those sartorial go wild and rock you #ootds with these stylish finds!

I have been in love with the color red almost two years ago and I just can't get enough every time I see stuff, items and clothes in all sorts of it's shade. I just burst in happiness when I get them in my hands. Making strawberries as one of those that didn't get pass by me. 

Strawberry Cotton Dress | $30.75 (PhP 1,438.00)

I am a fan of cotton dresses. They are easy to wear. Making it more not only fashionable but also comfortable. This will be nice in casuals and during travel specially where strawberries are in season and known for. 

Even the sleeves are slight puffed and with a partial of strawberries embroidered to it. It is also adjustable specially for those with having difficulties fitting their arms in the sleeves. 

Loving how they made the strawberry details. 

Also a fan of slits and flowly dresses. Just loving every bits of strawberries in this dress. 

They always say that shoes always brings you to every possible places there is. It also brings out the best in the overall look and this lovely pair will definitely go well with this berry dress. 

Strawberry Bell Bows Shoes | $35.70 (PhP 1,669.00)

What are you waiting for? Get this cute look and nail that ootd of yours! Be the one to set the fashion on cuteness overload. Experience Shibuya with Cute Harajuku. Just don't forget to enter your discount code to avail them cheaper. Have fun shopping!!!

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