Fashion Fridays: Sweet Innocence

It's Fashion Friday! Get those sartorial go wild and rock you #ootds with these stylish finds!

I love dresses. Everything that flows and have laces just makes me all blissful and it just gives me that princess like vibes. Dresses usually makes me feel so sweet and innocent. Specially when it's pure white and cute. 

Dew Shoulder Dress | $32.00 (PhP 1471.00)

I just love the simplicity of this dress. 

This is a nice look for casual days and can even be a nice look for a date. 

Loving how this dress is just so comfortable to wear. 

We always run of ideas to match our dresses and take for granted the little possible accessories that will go with it. Purses are usually not given that much attention but trying something new might actually give the look the styling it needs.

Sakura Cardcaptor Handbag Purse | $36.00 (PhP 1654.00)

I've been a fan of the Clamp series and one of those is Sakura Card Captor. The characters specially Sakura Kinomoto is just naive and adorable. Yes, it might sound childish and all but you can't deny that despite the cuteness and all the mushy stuff that series offers they are actually fashionable. 

The Clow & Sakura

What is nice about this purse is that it actually mimics the card book from the series. The original card holder was The Clow. The Sakura holder was shown at the latter part of the anime as Sakura manages to collect all of the cards. It is just cute that they've improvised handbags like these. 

They even have cute zipper handles.

Just like the card holders this purse have organizers to place your cards and money.
The purse also have a portion for your cellular or any gadgets that are handy.

What are you waiting for? Get this cute look and nail that ootd of yours! Be the one to set the fashion on cuteness overload. Experience Shibuya with Asian Cute. Just don't forget to enter your discount code to avail them cheaper. Have fun shopping!!!

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