2015 Team Building Day One: Happy Together

Happiness is not just an opposing state of sadness but rather it is how you surround yourself with the people who manages to make you happy in any manner. It's an attitude and it's a nice way to create masterpieces in our faces.

My hang-over from our Team Building last November 5-6, 2015 is still igniting. Not just because we were free from all those work loads, but the fact that we were gathered for two (2) days is already something. Every agency needs activities like these once in a while, not only for the sake of blissful memories but to strengthen relationships, set and meet goals.

I am not going to elaborate on what was tackled or what we did during the activity rather I just want to share these beautiful smiles that everyone had during that day.


Break times are instances where everyone can relax and rest their minds for a couple of minutes. That's why when the camera started shooting, everyone was willing to give a smiling face without any hesitations. 1, 2, 3, Smile!


During lunch break, some of our talented office mates and friends,  gave us a nice acoustic music jam to make the mode more relaxing and a nice way to savor our luncheon. Everyone was enjoying it that we started to request more songs from them. 

There was also a little fun after the jam session. Some of my office mates and also friends started making convincing poses to break the ice. They even started thanking their fans and acted as if they were in a concert. This really made us laugh out loud.


They say that the most beautiful shots that a photographer can do is get those poses and angles without letting the subject that he/she is already in your lenses. Here are also some of my favorites towards the end of the day. 

That's for Day One, it was indeed a tiring day. Having to consume all those glucose in our brains is pure exhaustion but what matters most is the fun and the smiles that were painted in each faces during that day.

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