Fashion Fridays: Adorabear Collection

It's Fashion Friday! Get those sartorial go wild and rock you #ootds with these stylish finds!

We all know that bears are the most adorable living creature that can be cuddly and a cliché kind of gift that girls usually get from their boyfriends. But what is cuter is when they just come in a more fashionable item aside from being stuff toys. 

Bear Hooded Braces Skirt | $30.00 (PhP 1409.48)

Cute bear ears on the hood

Furry bear face on the body strap.

Bear hooded brace skirt when worn. 

I love how the brace skirt looks. It gives that kawaii look that we usually see in anime series. It gives you that innocent and childish look at the same time. What will make this look even kawaii desu is with these pair of bears.

Bear Lace Flat Shoes | $30.00 (PhP 1, 409.48)

Fancy looking silk ribbon as laces. 

The cuteness overload of these hand painted bear faces. 

To pull off the final adorable look, this cute accessory will just do the thing! It may look like a doll but the added twist to this design is that it is actually a back pack. 

Bear Doll Back Pack | $42.00 (PhP 1,973.00)

Even have a space for your phone.

Feels like a cute adorable bear is giving you a back hug. 

It is like the bear is also wearing a bag. How adora-bear indeed!

What are you waiting for? Be adorable and be cuddled with the softest fur of a bear and nail that ootd of yours! Be the one to set the fashion on fire. Experience Shibuya with Cute Harajuku, SanrenseFashion KawaiiJust don't forget to enter your discount code to avail them cheaper. Have fun shopping!!!

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