My Favorite Things: October 2015

It's been a while since I've been thinking on how I will be able to put my favorite things and new discoveries in an organize way. My sister started these series 2 months ago and I also got curious and wanted to join the link up too. Since it's my birth month, why not try something new that can also spice up my years to come. October has tons of new discoveries so I am making a list from the month that just finished. Thus, joining the Raisa of's My Favorite Things. It is also their first link-up anniversary, that's why it's nicer way to thank them by joining and spreading more love with the link-ups. 

So here are my favorites for this month.

LET'S KISS AND MAKE-UP: Sassy Colors Moisturizing Lipstick and Avon Totally Kissable
What I love about these new finds is that they really adopt to my skin tone and you can just wear them everyday. I will be having a separate post about these two. I also like how you can control the swatches and it smells good. (Sassy Colors Liptick photo credits to Bee from Beekyoote)

SOMETHING TO WEAR: Adidas Superstar Super White and Adidas Maroon for Women

I always fall for something white that's why when I saw Adidas' Superstar White. I just died. Same with their Maroon for Women which I am also adding to my list for my footwear. 

ART-SPIRATION: Sarah Anderson, Gemma Correl and Blule

Sarah C. Anderson | More of her works here

I fell in love with Sarah since I've discovered here in Tumblr. Her wittiness and her being introvert just made it more comic. She also have tons of cute merchs which I really want to have someday.

Gemma Correl | More of her works here

It is because of her that I changed my hue into red. Her simplicity use of markers and her love for her pugs and cats, made me inspired to do simple doodles of my everyday life. 

Blule | More of her works here

I always hated colors and I really don't have the patience to discover the power of watercolors but because of her that I started to love those brushes and try to make something out of water and colors. 

MUSIC TO MY EARS: Dear Future Husband & I Don't Like It, I Love It


I fell for Meghan Trainor when she was featured in Charlie Puth's Marvin Gaye. My friend, Jane, was singing this song that I got so hooked to it and just can't stop playing it. The second song in the list is from Flo Rida which I discovered the cutest Pickachus dancing to it. And baby I really loved it. 


That's all for this month. I hope you had a blast and able to have those favorites added to your list. In case you want to join here are the simple rules to follow. 



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