Fashion Fridays: Meowy Christmas Sale

It's Fashion Friday! Get those sartorial go wild and rock your #ootds with these stylish finds!

Only a few days left before you can totally dash into the snow. What makes the holidays special is you totally rocking the sleighs and setting the fashionable look for the parties and casuals with all the nicest outfits.

I always get torned between cats and dogs. You just can't deny the fact that they are just adorable and cuddly. But what makes it cuter is that when they enter the world of fashion and it just gives a new meaning to every outfits and accessories out there. 

Whiskers, pawprints and cat ears just doesn't fail to make every look kawaii. They just add more spices. So here are some of the nice finds for the holidays to make the overall look purrr-fect! 

Kawaii Cat Sweatshirt | $15.70 (PhP 745.00)

How adorable, she is making the cat googley eyes. 

This sweat shirt is made of cotton blend giving you that warm feeling during the cold season.

When in comes to some twist for the look, here's a nice pair of pantyhose to make your legs comforted from the cold breeze and makes you wear dresses without worrying those chills.

Sweet Cat Pantyhose | $13.80 (PhP 655.00) 

I love how the cat's face were printed on the knee part.

Cute little kitty on the soles.

These cute little kitties are available in six (6) colors.

Shoes are add-ons, these pairs are just the cute little kitties on your toes. Not only are they comfortable to wear but they also go well with any plain shirts, blouses and dresses. 

Cute Cat Platform Shoes | $34.00 (PhP 1,613.00)

To give make the overall look, a nice pair of these shoulder bags will just do the thing.

Sailor Moon Shoulder Bags | $27.70 (PhP 1,314.00)

It is available in three (3) different colors. Black, white and grey.

The bag has four (4) studs at the bottom to support it when you want the bag to stand.

Cute little sailor moon cat bag doing some planking. 

The fashion finds doesn't stop there. The cutest online stores, Cute HarajukuFashion Kawaii, Asian Cute and Woman Fashion launched their new promotions for the holiday season and to give you all a nice treat, here's a gift to address those sartorial desires of yours!


  • Order over $49.00 (Php 2,326.00) and get $10.00 (Php 475.00 ) off.
  • Order over $99.00 (Php 4,699.00) and get $20.00 (Php 950.00) off.
  • Order over $179.00 (Php 8,497.00) and get $30.00 (Php 1,424.00) off.
  • Add coupon code: ajeinomoto for more discounts!
The promo is until December 30, 2015 only. 

So get those hands ready for clicking and let's do some shopping!!! What are you waiting for? Get this offer now and  nail that ootd of yours! Be the one to set the fashion on fire. Experience Shibuya with Cute Harajuku, Fashion KawaiiAsian Cute and Woman Fashion. Just don't forget to enter your discount code to avail them cheaper. Have fun shopping!!!

Discount Code: AJEINOMOTO

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