My Favorite Things: November 2015

November has never been better this year and what makes it even better is having those favorite things that makes it more spiced up and more exciting. So without further ado, here are my favorites for the month of November.

LET'S KISS AND MAKE-UP: Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Stick and EB Matte Lipstick: Love That Red
I was never a fan of creams or whatsoever coverage for my face since I have oily skin and prone to having breakouts, when the products are not suitable for my face. I've been a Maybelline user when I was in college and from there, they never fail to surprise me. What I love about Maybelline Clear Smooth: Clear Stick is that it is not heavy on my face and once application it's like a powder. It also blends well with my skin tone. Next on my list is the EB Matte Lipstick: Love That Red. I love the color red and I've been looking for the right shade for my lips. And it was first love on application. I love how it makes me look fierce and on the go even when it is the only cosmetic I am wearing. Since it's a matte, it doesn't wear off easily. 

SOMETHING TO WEAR: R2D2 Tunic Dress and Darth Vader Knee High Socks
Always a fan of dresses and knee high socks and what makes it cooler is that it is a Star Wars inspired. I've been eyeing on these babies and these will definitely go with my Christmas Wishlist for this year. 

ART-SPIRATION: Philippa Rice, Puuung and Salavat Fidai
Photos grabbed at Bored Panda.

Philippa Rice | More of her works here

I've seen her works on my Facebook feed and reminded me of my random doodles I usually make bout my boyfriend and our experiences. I call it #YabaYoboEpisodes, but I've been procrastinating when I suddenly became busy. Because of Rice's works it inspired me to continue what I've started.

Puuung | More of her works here

I just fell for her style. It was like a watercolor painting but done digitally. I've always wanted to try doing this style but always end up messing with my outlines and outputs. Just like Rice's it made me miss my doodle versions of my Yobo. I was also a so happy when her illustrations was put into animation.

Salavat Fidai | More of her works here

I am not downing my hopes on watercolors. I love how artists can really be artistic when it comes to the medium they use. It fascinates me and that's why I love artists like Salavat where she used match boxes as her canvass. 

MUSIC TO MY EARS: Want To Want Me & Stitches


I always admire how they get to make music this funky and yet gives you that chills and eargasm with their hollow voices. I've been playing these songs repeatedly in my playlist. Jason Derulo reminded me of my addiction with the Wedding Dress song. He also made me think that Nate of HTGAWM was singing this song. I don't why. Shawn Mendes on the other hand gave me the same feeling when I got hooked with Charlie Puth's Marvin Gaye. Their voices are just so dreamy. 


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