Yaba + Yobo Wanders to Enchanted Kingdom

I have been to Enchanted Kingdom since I was young and it always makes me so happy every time I get the chance to visit it again. It has always been my goal to be able to try all the rides but time and availability doesn't let me. 

Yaba + Yobo Wanders to Little Italy in Venice Piazza

Yobo and I had always wanted to have a new venture and was planning to at least get things crossed from our list before the year ends. We've been talking about traveling and at least spend a days few in Manila during the holidays, but we were not able to really plan it well because of our available schedules then to our surprise we were able to do so. 

Fashion Fridays: A Touch of Rose Quartz

It's Fashion Friday! Get those sartorial go wild and rock your #ootds with these stylish finds!

Rose Quartz are in today and they just set the hues on sweet shade and gentleness. I've never been a fan of the color pink but this sweet touch of tone is just so pleasing in the eyes and it's the trending color for the year 2016.

Figure 1: An Instagram for Doctors

I have always wanted to be a doctor. Be one of those who specializes on obstetrics, pediatrics, neurology or become one of the greatest surgeon in my country. Knowing  all the pathophysiology of a certain disease or the most complicated matter in anatomy of my patients, but sadly due to some certain circumstances I just ended up with a midwife and nurse license. But that doesn't stop me from enjoying the good and coolest stuff when in comes to the medical field. 

Thankful Tuesdays Vol. 13

A link-up with Micha's Thankful Tuesdays. Since Tuesday doesn't get much attention, Thankful Tuesdays is just a delightful way to be thankful for the graces and blessings that the Lord showers us through the week.

Desserts Unlimited: Sweetest Bazaar of the Year

I still have a hang over with all the sweetness overload I tasted last 20th of December when I attended the first delightful event in Legazpi which was the Desserts Unlimited. Not only did I had the best time of life tasting all those sugary stuff but it was also my  first time to attend and interact with various entrepreneurs and yuppies. And I must say, it was one of the best experience for the last month of 2015.

My Favorite Things: December 2015

The holidays was full of surprises and bucket lists that I failed to make for my Christmas wishlist for last year. But that doesn't stop me from enjoying all the good stuff and having a list loaded with my favorite stuff for the month of December. So here are the good stuff that made to my list so far.  

6 Kitchen Hacks To Make Your Life Easier

We all want our lives to be a lot easier specially when it comes to preparing our meals. Not only that, what are the materials needed to make our lives easier when it comes inside the kitchen. Here's a simple treat for you.

On Being 25: A Quarter Life Crisis

Life has always something to offer. It may be for a better version of you or something that usually hinders you from moving forward. Life is all about the bigger picture. We usually confine ourselves to be in the most comfortable zone as much as possible to avoid any particular failures or emotional struggles.

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