My Favorite Things: December 2015

The holidays was full of surprises and bucket lists that I failed to make for my Christmas wishlist for last year. But that doesn't stop me from enjoying all the good stuff and having a list loaded with my favorite stuff for the month of December. So here are the good stuff that made to my list so far.  

LET'S KISS AND MAKE-UP: EB Matte Lipstick: Storm and Nivea Creme
I am a lipstick hoarder and usually I don't give much importance to the brand. As long as it gives the right color to my lips, it's a thumbs up for me. Always a fan of something red so I tried a new darker shade. EB Matte Lipstick Storm gives me a whole new look because it's giving me that Malificent aura when I'm wearing it. It somewhat resembles my Color Full Pecan Fudge lippie but far darker. I just really love how it moisturizes my lips and also gives me that matte finish. Nivea Creme on the other hand is such a nice product to moisturize my face. I also use this as a base moisturizer before I put on my BB creams and foundations. I also love how this one also serves as a hair leave on that gives smoothness and sleekness on my hair. 

SOMETHING TO WEAR: Keds Champion Sparkle and Champion Pennant

I can't help but fall in love with Keds since I've seen it in the shoe department. And finally, my sister got me my first pair of Keds which is the Champion Sparkle as her Christmas gift. I just love how these babies goes well even with my dresses. I also fell in love with their Champion Pennant which I am planning on purchasing sometime this year. 

ART-SPIRATION: Cassandra Calin, Cleonique Hilsaca and Kim Pertinence
Photos grabbed from each respective artists sites. Links below. 

Cassandra Calin | More of her works here

I spotted her sense of humor in my news feed and I just can't help but relate to each of her artworks. Not only does she show the realities of being a woman but also as an artist.

Cleonique Hilsaca | More of her works here

I've been in love with her work and her new series NeonMob is just so adorable.

Kim Pertinence | More of her works here

I've been crushing on Kim's work since I saw it on Tumblr and ever since I've been fascinated by her smoothness on digital animation. 

MUSIC TO MY EARS: One Punch Man (English Cover)

My otaku side got so giddy when Jonathan Young had an english version of One Punch Man's opening song. I am never a fan of too much rock voices but he's one exception. Not only was he able to pull the song but his lyrics were also clear.


That's all for this month. I hope you had a blast and able to have those favorites added to your list. In case you want to join here are the simple rules to follow. 



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