My Favorite Things: January 2016

The start of the year was not just a blast but it is also a busy month. I was suppose to make my list 2 weeks ago but ended up procrastinating. Been checking and trying on new stuff and this what made into my favorites. 

Let's Kiss and Make-Up: EB Matte Lipstick: Hot Summer and Pink Flame
Still can't get enough of lipsticks. For this month, Just bought two (2) new shades to my Ever Bilena (EB) collection. Embracing a lesser hue which I really enjoyed using for two (2) months now. The Hot Summer shade is a refreshing color that gives me a little twist to a simple-bolder look. The Pink Flame on the other hand goes well with nude shades of eye shadows and blush ons that gives me that sweet look throughout the day. 

Something To Wear: Panda Doll Shoes

I have been eyeing on these cute doll shoes and I really want to have one soon this year. I love how these babies are available in three (3) nude colors which will really look good in any colors.

Art-spiration: Anoosha Syed, Andrew Tarusov and Amy Mebberson

Anoosha Syed  | More of her works here

I love Anoosha's work were she made a nice modern style for the Disney Princesses. I also love her works and how she makes them like it is made of pastels and water colors. 

Andrew Tarusov | More of her works here

It's always the Disney Princesses that are given extra emphasis that is why I love how Tarusov made a nice version of the villains from the Disney tales. By far one of my favorite work is the Evil Stepmother of Cinderella. Trivia: I played her when I was in grade school but not like this. 
Amy Mebberson | More of her works here

It is just pure cuteness overload when Amy made a Pocket Princess Comics of the Disney Princesses. I also love her sense of humor. You will also have fun reading it.

Game Face On: Neko Atsume and Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia

I've been addicted to downloading and playing new games from the App Store that I almost ended up having so much back logs because of spending too much time with the following games:

Neko Atsume 

Neko Atsume or Kitty Collector It is a cute way to nurture a digi-kitty. If you are a fan of Tamagochis, then this nice application is just purr-fect and cute. But if you are not a kitty lover then you might want to try their Dog Collector version. Just beware of Mister Tubbs

Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia

"Come On, Boy!". If you are into RPG and Simulation then this (semi)-violent game is for you. Created by Doodle Army, this game intends to make your rankings to be one of the most feared military character. This game can be played via online or thru LAN wi-fi were you can enjoy playing with your games. So better get those guns loaded and let's race to Commander In Chief. 

Clickables and Add Ons

That's all for this month. I hope you had a blast and able to have those favorites added to your list. In case you want to join here are the simple rules to follow. 


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