My Favorite Things: February 2016

You never seem to notice how the time and days flies so fast when you are enjoying or when you are too busy. But that doesn't stop me from having my monthly favorites. So let's see what made into my month of love [February] list.

Let's Kiss and Make-Up: Tony Moly: Panda's Dream Brightening Eye Base and Panda's Dream White Magic Cream

Spotted these adorable Panda at Althea: A Korean Online Shop which is now available in the Philippines. Yes, there are just so adorable and I'm definitely having these on my list and grabs. The Panda's Dream Brightening Eye Base can brighten the dark eye area while the Panda's Dream White Magic Cream brightens the skin specially the face. It can also serve as a moisturizer or base before applying make ups. Aren't they just  panda-robale?

Something To Wear: Dr. Martens Cherry Red

I just fell in love with these babies two (2) years ago and I am still saving my money for these. Yes, I know that it took me years to finally save up  but hopefully I can get one sooner or later. I just love how these babies will look nice with my dresses. 

Art-spiration: Kelly Angel, Maryam and Emi-Doodles

Kelly Angel | More of her works here

I love her sense of humor when it comes to her comics. My favorite are the comics about her dog and cats. They usually make laugh and cry. 

Maryam a.k.a Mari945 | More of her works here

I love animes and I love how Maryam made an anime version of all the Disney Princesses. Cool right? You can check out your favorite princesses here.

Emi-Doodles | More of her works here

She has been my long time inspiration in Tumblr Circa 2009. She is also one of the reason that made me pursue to learn digital art and animation. Her cute works are just so adorable.

Game Face On: Color Switch and Pico Pets

I've been addicted to downloading and playing new games from the App Store that I almost ended up having so much back logs because of spending too much time with the following games:


Color Swith is a cute way to tap a ball passing challenging obstacles. The twist is that the only way to let the ball pass through is by matching it to the same color. Every time you passed the obstacles, you gain stars. It may sound easy but let me know when you've tried it. *evil grins*


Pico Pets is a game where you get to collect the cutest and powerful monsters in every islands. It kinda reminded me of Pokemon because of all the colorful and elemental monsters there is. Taming and catching [see like Pokemon, right?] them gives you the chance to have the best monsters used for your battles. 

Clickables and Add Ons

That's all for this month. I hope you had a blast and able to have those favorites added to your list. In case you want to join here are the simple rules to follow. 


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