Fashion Fridays: Salmon Pink Sartorials

It's Fashion Friday! Get those sartorial go wild and rock your #ootds with these stylish finds!

My love for pastel colors and the shade of pink is striking again. Seeing these cute stuff just makes me so happy and so refreshed specially when their shade comes in salmon. So here are some of my favorites that just made my eyes sparkled and sweetened.

Japanese Cute Cat Short-Sleeved Dress

I love cute dresses and this one just caught my attention. I love how the cute purring face of the cat is making in the front design of the dress. 

Japanese Cute Cat Short-Sleeved Dress | US $ 31.00 (PhP 1,443.28)

White cat dress.

Not only do they have the salmon shade, but they also have a white one in case you're into a more innocent and simple look. 

The pleated skirt and the cute tailor collar just makes the dress even cuter. 

Japanese Cute Harajuku Lace High Heels

Shoes became one of my weaknesses this year and these pairs are to die for. I love how the soft silver toe area made the pink shade come out.

Japanese Cute Harajuku Lace High Heels | US $ 43.70 (PhP 2,034.56)

The rubber high heels.

These kawaii Japanese heels are also available in two (2) colors.

You can either go gothic with the black shade or be one of the Lolita dolls.

Korea Fashion Cute Bunny Ears Backpack

Backpacks are one of my favorites. I rather wear a backpack rather than shoulder bags for my dresses. It just makes me more comfortable one way and another. And these bunny packs are just so kawaii!

Korea Fashion Cute Bunny Ears Backpack | US $ 24.70 (PhP 1,149.97)
I love how it is very organized inside the bag. 

These babies are also available in four (4) colors.

So get those hands ready for clicking and let's do some shopping!!! What are you waiting for? Get these salmons and nail that ootd of yours! Be the one to set the fashion on fire. Experience Shibuya with Cute HarajukuFashion KawaiiAsian Cute and Woman Fashion. Just don't forget to enter your discount code to avail them cheaper. Have fun shopping!!!

Special offers are also available for you my young fashionable padawans.

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