Heza Nail Spa Europe Winter

One of my fetishes are the different hues on my nails. I've been hooked and been addicted to painting my nails since the day I've discovered it (which I can't hardly remember). I tried different brands and shades whether it be cheap or expensive down to mixing the colors just to get the right shade I want. I even came to the point of changing my nail polish every week, which is really not good because it makes the cuticle all thin and yellowish. But in the end, I still do. 

[CLOSED] Ajeinomoto + Cute Kawaii + Women Fashion Giveaway

Rainy seasons are just around the corner but that doesn't stop us from being fashionable and nailing every ootds and model like poses once in while. So let's start grabbing those cool and kawaii outfits and start the La NiƱa chillin'.

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