Chaud à la Mode: H & M Soft Knit Cropped Pullover

Cropped tops and pullovers had started it's craze last year. From then on, I wanted to try one. I was not able to try one since I was not that confident to wear one. Yes, it may sound absurd but I do have struggles wearing cropped tops/pullovers.

How To Save Money When Doing Online Shopping

Everyone loves shopping and it is always ticking a list every time there is a great deal. But what makes it a frustration for shoppers out there is that we always go to the extremes. We fail to save and find alternatives that can aid our finances.

If you are you a shopaholic and finds it hard to save a lot of money fret not, because I know a thing or two to help you still get what you want but still leave a penny or two on your pockets. 

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